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What are Nutshell & Ultra-Plus?

Nutshell was a flat file database for the PC originally introduced as a bundle with Leading Edge computers in 1980. Nutshell was converted to operate on a MAC with a GUI interface in 1987 and was given the name “Filemaker”. Ultra-Plus is a relational version of the Nutshell database introduced in 1989.

How and why should I upgrade to a better solution?

Newer version of windows will not support the use of Nutshell & Ultra-Plus. For each license of the upgrade, we will convert up to 2 files at no charge. Additional files can be converted at a discounted rate.

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    Your current DOS version consists of five elements: fields, layouts, records, macros, and links. FairSoft will convert the fields, layouts and records. Macros and links can be recreated at additional charge based upon time involved.

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FileMaker Conversion Success Story
  • Environmental Medicine Inc. (Westwood, NJ)

    Fairsoft converted their Nutshell database to Filemaker 11, and also designed, upgraded and hosts their product tracking system for monitoring health, safety and environmental assessments of products to ensure they meet state and/or federal regulations.