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The Company

Brief intro of the company, and how we are made up of a core team, a solid network and history, and a proven methodology.

Meet the core team:

  • Sue
    Lead Developer/Principal

    Sue has worked with Fairhaven Software since 2000. She started working with Filemaker version 5.5 which she taught herself during down times at a job working with MS Access. The Filemaker bug bit her and she hasn't looked back.

    Her previous experience in human resource management at Canada Post Corporation and in various secretarial and retail positions has taught her the proper way to treat people and customers.

  • Asa
    Product Development Consultant

    With FairSoft since 2009, Asa is deeply involved in the full stack of the product lifecycle, from research, design and systems development, to marketing and growth management.

    A bit of a polymath, Asa is also a trained clinician and public health professional; the empathic perspective gained from his multidisciplinary background proves invaluable when investigating and addressing development challenges to improve end-user experience, and positively affect product impact and value.

  • Tom

    Tom was an educator for 13 years, and then was recruited in 1981 to manage the sales effort for a high tech firm in Burlington, MA. Tom is responsible for convincing NYNEX (now Verizon) to buy the high tech firm and it's premier product for field service management.  

    Tom started his own consulting firm putting project teams together for our customers such as Boston University (created a Grant Management Encumbrance Accounting System), GE (assisted with the automation of GE's jet engine assembly program in Lynn, MA), AT&T (helped design and implement a revised biling system due to the breakup of AT&T in Fairhaven, MA), The Boston Company & Putnam Investments (provided expertise for the design, building, and implementation of their Mutual Fund systems).

    Tom was the founder of Fairhaven Software Products, Inc.

How we succeed: Our proven methodology

Our development methodology provides our customers with a unique ability to view and interact with their system while in the development stages. Feed-back is strongly encouraged. This feed-back enables us to adjust our understanding of the customer's needs and, more importantly, the customer gains a better insight into what is possible that may not have been utilized before.

This methodology has been refined over the years to eliminate the, "I thought it was going to do..." or "How come it doesn't do...", type of customer comments. In addition, training is minimized since the customer has been reviewing the progress of their project during the development life-cycle.

Some prospective customers have asked us to create a system based upon a specification document which we have not created. This means that Fairhaven will not understand the complexities and subtleties which are a key component of an effective system. Fairhaven has declined these offers.

Fairhaven will not take on a project unless the customer agrees to become involved during development. Involvement means reviewing the "look-and-feel", the flow of the data, the reports generated, and listening to our suggestions for improvement. Decisions and approvals always remain with the customer.

Fairsoft's History:

A journey alongside FileMaker…

  • 1983 - 1989 Distributor of the DOS database "Nutshell" the genesis of Filemaker
  • 1989 -1999 Publisher of the DOS database "Nutshell" and it's successor products (Nutshell-Plus II, Ultra-Plus, Ultra-Math, Ultra-Image)
  • 1999 - Present Database development using the FileMaker platform as well as offering various vertical market FileMaker based solutions and hosting services

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Client Testimonial
  • "I think the biggest asset of using Fairhaven Software is the programming experience.  Rarely will you find in a tech heavy industry individuals that understand the real world environment and bring solutions and enhancements to ideas and processes that we never would have thought of."

    Steven Hasty, President/Owner at Hasty Awards