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Ask us about...

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Fairhaven Software Products has been providing customers around the world with easy to use, free form searching database technology since 1987.

How can Fairsoft help me?

The question is how can't we help you! We've worked with countless individuals and organizations across the globe on projects that vary from the management of limestone quarries and marine waterways to solving enrollment issues with your dog show software.

  • iPhone & iPad
    Our solutions run seamlessly on iOS. We build your elegant custom business app on the FileMaker Platform, and that means your solution runs happily on the iPad and iPhone, and even takes advantage of essential iOS APIs such as location awareness, camera support, audio capture, and Apple Airplay.
  • Windows or Mac?
    We love them both, and so will your next FairSoft solution. Because we use FileMaker, our apps automatically run on Windows, Mac and web browsers. So you'll be able to start using your new FileMaker application immediately, no matter what your current hardware environment is.
  • Graduate from Spreadsheets
    Microsoft Excel integrates easily with FileMaker, but you may never go back. Access your data from anywhere, no matter what type of information you're tracking. Find it, sort it, import it, export it, email it, link to Google Maps or any website from within your database. You can even create a spreadsheet of your data from inside your new database for storage or automatic email!
  • Customization
    Business need are constantly changing, and your database should facilitate easy to make changes. A key unique feature of FileMaker is the ability to customize the database while the database is live and in use. No need to shut down your database (or your business) while enhancements are implemented.
  • Sharing
    Export, email, and share data easily. Share and/or restrict your data to your users, wherever they may be, in a multitude of diverse mixed environments (PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Send email and attach database-created pdf files, all with the click of a mouse. Extremely fast, convenient, and secure using AES encryption technology.
  • Hosting
    The security you deserve, with the flexibility of The Cloud. FairSoft can host your database on our secure encrypted servers for access from anywhere. We do all the work for you. No need for servers, server software, or backups just a high speed internet connection is all that’s required. We do the daily backups for you and can even email you a requested copy.

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Featured Projects
  • Hasty Awards (Ottawa, KS)

    Designed and developed a customized solutions for all aspects of their company business including order taking, order processing, production, shipping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, reporting, etc. Includes the use of barcode scanners, credit card processing and shipping via UPS.

    American Deposit Services (Dallas, TX)

    A client since 2005, FairSoft designed, developed and hosts their Sales, Quoting, Inventory, and Dispatching system for Field Service Management. ADS is currently upgrading to Filemaker 12, including iPad login for service technicians to view schedule/jobs, receive directions to customer locations and complete invoices, all while in the field. The system also communicates directly with Quickbooks.

    Environmental Medicine Inc. (Westwood, NJ)

    Fairsoft converted their Nutshell database to Filemaker 11, and also designed, upgraded and hosts their product tracking system for monitoring health, safety and environmental assessments of products to ensure they meet state and/or federal regulations.

    In-Place Machining Company (Milwaukee, WI)

    FairSoft designed and developed a desktop and iPad friendly system to track the location and transfer history of all machinery, all utilizing barcode scanning technology.

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