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  • Database Management's critical component is it's design. Design your database correctly and you open up the possibilities for future enhancements. Design it poorly and you limit what you can do and increase your work load. Database Design therefore requires a great deal of experience and skill. Installing new systems and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our business.


  • You never know if a piece of software is to your liking until you use it. We use the Spiral Development method to specifically address this issue. We build a little and you play with it....you and your users are involved from the beginning throughout the entire process. No surprises at the end or comments like "I thought it was going to..." or "How come it doesn't...". FileMaker is only limited by your imagination; that's why it has numerous reviews as "best database". We can help you get there.  Got a question...give us a call.  We would be happy to give you some insight.


  • Need to access your database from anywhere? Hosting your database allows you to access your database from anywhere just as though it were in your office. We provide multiple rotating backups with an ability for you to download a copy at any time. Save time and money by eliminating the need for server hardware and software. A high speed DSL or Cable internet connection is required.


    We'll convert your old database into a contemporary business powerhouse. If you're already on Nutshell/Ultra-Plus, newer version of windows will not support the use of Nutshell & Ultra-Plus, and our proprietary NU Conversion Utility makes upgrading seamless. For each license of the upgrade, we will convert up to 2 files at no charge. Additional files can be converted at a discounted rate. If your database is on a different platform, upgrading to FileMaker is as easy as it gets.


  • Consulting is all about options.With our vast 30 + years of experience across numerous industries (10,000+ customers), we can provide you with numerous ideas of capability and efficiency with cost factors associated with each.  Give it a try using our free 15 minute consultation offer.  Nothing to loose and ideas to gain.


  • The level of support received once a product or service is sold is a key factor in deciding what company to purchase from.

    Fairsoft uses "Go-to-Meeting" (high speed internet required) to assist our customers with their support needs. "Go-to-Meeting" lets a customer remotely show us his computer screen so that any issues can readily be identified and addressed. The customer even has the ability to give us keyboard and mouse control so that we can assist with a problem resolution.

    Emergency phone number: (800) 582-4747

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Featured Projects
  • Hasty Awards (Ottawa, KS)

    Designed and developed a customized solutions for all aspects of their company business including order taking, order processing, production, shipping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, reporting, etc. Includes the use of barcode scanners, credit card processing and shipping via UPS.

    American Deposit Services (Dallas, TX)

    A client since 2005, FairSoft designed, developed and hosts their Sales, Quoting, Inventory, and Dispatching system for Field Service Management. ADS is currently upgrading to Filemaker 12, including iPad login for service technicians to view schedule/jobs, receive directions to customer locations and complete invoices, all while in the field. The system also communicates directly with Quickbooks.

    Environmental Medicine Inc. (Westwood, NJ)

    Fairsoft converted their Nutshell database to Filemaker 11, and also designed, upgraded and hosts their product tracking system for monitoring health, safety and environmental assessments of products to ensure they meet state and/or federal regulations.

    In-Place Machining Company (Milwaukee, WI)

    FairSoft designed and developed a desktop and iPad friendly system to track the location and transfer history of all machinery, all utilizing barcode scanning technology.