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Fairhaven Software Products, Inc.
Replacement for Nutshell / Ultra-Plus database
Windows / Mac Ugrade 9 for Windows 2000 Pro, XP, & Vista

2 New Products + Conversion Utility are being offered:

Client 9 is a stand-alone and/or multi-user Windows/MAC database development/deployment product.  Once a file is created, a user can designate whether this file is a single or multi-user file.  If multi-user, it is then simultaneously available to up to 4 users (without the Server 9 version) and up to 250 users (if the Server 9 version is installed).  Each user must have a Licensed copy of the Client 9 version installed in order to access files.

Server 9 delivers accelerated networked database performance for up to 125 hosted files.  Server is a traffic manager.  It does not permit the creation or user use of database files.  Server includes centralized and automated backups and remote administration tools to monitor the server and network activity and to control guest and file connections.

Conversion Utility will convert your existing DOS file's Fields, Layouts, and Data to a structured file for access by Client 8.5.  Fairhaven will perform the conversion process for you at NO additional charge.

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